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Corporate volunteer events shipped directly to your doorstep.

The Volunteer Event Shipped To Your Door

WeHero DIY ships the volunteer experience to your door to host your own event for your employees. We do all the initial legwork for you including sourcing all the appropriate items, partnering with the non-profits, and giving you easy to follow instructions. All you have to do is rally your team members and have an amazing event!

How It Works

Select Your Program

After you get in touch with our team, we send you options of DIY programs to choose from. We have opportunities to support education, emergency relief efforts, the environment, and more!

We Box It Up

Working with our non-profit partners we source all the necessary materials and activities, package up instructions, box it up, and ship it to you.

Have Your Event

We provide instructions, videos, and a pre-event call just to make sure you’re ready to go. Don’t worry, its easy and our team is always available for support.

Send It Back

We provide pre-paid shipping labels and boxes to make shipping everything back easy. Once the event is over, we send thank you letters and photos to each of your team members.

Select the DIY Event that's right for your company

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Education Access

Delivering education kits that have the necessary school supplies to children in need throughout the globe.

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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Kits contain all the necessary medical items to support displaced and injured individuals and families during a time of disaster.

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Food Packs of Inspiration

WeHero works with companies to create healthy meal packages that are delivered to the homeless.

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Don’t see a volunteer event that’s right for your company? We build custom volunteer events all the time. Get in touch with us!


Percentage of employees that want to work for a company that gives back in a meaningful way.


Employees who believe their organizations give back to the community are a striking 13 times more likely to look forward to coming to work.


Employees who are “engaged and thriving” are 59 percent less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Maria Dolgusheva, HR Coordinator – PandaDoc

“Today I took part in an exciting volunteering event. It is amazing to see that a small effort on our end is going to help someone in a big way! Thanks WeHero for this event.

Indonesia continues to struggle after a series of natural disasters that have killed thousands and have left over 70,000 people homeless. Many are injured and still struggling. PandaDoc is giving employees the opportunity to lend a helping hand. We packed aid and hygiene kits including items that most of us take for granted but provide essential supplies to people in need, such as bandages, toothbrushes, and soap.

WeHero enables companies to mobilize employees as first responders to international crises and natural disasters around the world.

My contribution was to draw 200 Pandas – on the encouragement notes that we sent with the care packages. It was the best onboarding week ever.”


The Internal Impact

Employee Engagement: Recruiting top-performing employees and keeping them happy is a priority of all thriving corporations. Charitable giving improves employee engagement by boosting productivity, ethical behavior, gratitude to the organization, and pride in their work.

Morale: With employees more engaged in their work and more pleased with the corporate culture, their morale will naturally be higher. This leads to less time and productivity lost to “illness”, tardiness, or extended breaks and lunches, as well as lower turnover rates.

Teamwork: This generally positive attitude in the workplace extends beyond just the rank-and-file employees. When a corporate giving program brings together people from all levels of the organization – from the C-level to the mail room – everyone feels like they are working together toward a common goal. This feeling of effective teamwork will extend beyond to positively influence other aspects of their work.

The External Impact

Public Relations: The company’s philanthropic activity does not go unnoticed by the media. All charitable organizations and fund-raising events rely on the media to spread the word about their work, so any corporation having a large share in that work will be included in the heavy media coverage. This is taken to another level when the results are tangible and quantified.

Social Media: While some organizations are concerned about the potential backlash from negative comments on social media, a company involved in strategic corporate giving will be reaping the benefits of positive social media mentions and sharing. The impact of this kind of publicity cannot be overstated.

Reputation: While it is less tangible than PR or social media coverage, there is no denying the fact that many consumers make buying decisions based as much on how they feel about a company as on how they feel about a product.

Profit: All of the above leads eventually to greater profit as positive public perception and social media sentiment influences branding, and eventually, purchasing.


2X The Impact

  • Used by the worlds best companies. 
  • Real data. Real impact.
  • Alleviate time and cost with WeHero handling volunteer planning and management from A-Z.
  • A track record of making employees smile and creating events that your team will remember.
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