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2019/10/01 00:00:00


How This Started

WeHero helps companies accomplish their social missions through immersive and impactful corporate giving and volunteer programs. As we continue this support, we’re excited to announce our first ever Quarterly Campaign where we’re focusing our efforts around one cause to magnify our impact.

We’re excited to announce our first campaign, We Are Human, where we’ll be partnering with Glide to fulfill our mission of humanizing 7,500 homeless in San Francisco and beyond.

What does it mean to Humanize the Homeless?

“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.”

-Mother Teresa

Homelessness is a situation. Not a person. WeHero has launched this campaign to share the stories and the transformations of what makes these humans, human and get them the necessary support, one individual and one family at a time. We have made it our mission to change the perception of this forgotten group through events that support those in need.

  • 7,499 homeless living in San Francisco
  • 1,363 unaccompnied youth homeless in San Francisco
  • 37% of SF’s homeless who say they have issues with drug or alcohol abuse
  • 35% of SF’s homeless who say they have emotional or psychiatric disorders

What we're doing

The quarter will include:

  • An immersive launch dinner focused around education, networking, great food. 100% of the proceeds from this dinner will be donated to Glide, our local non-profit partner.
  • In-person volunteer and networking events in San Francisco and across the country to generate impact.
  • DIY volunteer events and kits built and ready to ship to support the cause.
  • Media partners dedicated to raising awareness and education.
What will happen as a result of the campaign:
  • Increased support in the form of food, shelter, hygiene, and health. We will help feed thousands of San Francisco residents in need.
  • Professional training and job opportunities.
  • Education on how more can get involved and work to solve the problem efficiently. We will promote the mission of homelessness across major media outlets across the Bay Area.

Attend the Dinner

Join an intimate group for an immersive dinner with 100% of the ticket sales going to support our local non-profit partner, Glide. The proceeds from this dinner will provide nearly 2,000 meals for those in need.

Network with other like minded professionals, get educated about the cause and enjoy delicious food.


Want to lend a hand with your team? WeHero was built on providing unique volunteer events to increase employee engagement and retention.

We’re hosting in-person volunteer events in San Francisco and shipping DIY volunteer kits across the country to help humanize the homeless population.


Want to promote the mission of humanizing the homeless? We have you covered with a variety of different options!

Want to know the coolest part?! With each item you buy, we’ll provide one meal to a San Fransico resident in need.

We're just getting started...

This is the first of many quarterly campaigns. Stay in touch with us to learn more about our upcoming campaigns focused on education, water, animals, veterans, and more!

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What is WeHero?

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