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Find out why the best companies in the world, both big and small, use WeHero for their volunteer and giving experiences. 

What is WeHero?

WeHero helps companies accomplish their social missions with powerful giving and volunteer solutions. With WeHero, companies can offer programs for a kinder culture, a better brand, and a greater social impact.

Corporate Volunteering

Participate in a WeHero volunteer program of your choice, host a WeHero DIY volunteer event shipped right to your door, or commission us to build a custom volunteer experience. We’ll help connect your company’s employees to the schools, parks, and non-profits that need help.

WeHero works hard to make volunteer experiences unforgettable for your employees. From incorporating educational presentations to mailing photos to each volunteer, we ensure your employees get to see the impact of their volunteer efforts. We look forward to working with your company to open eyes and hearts with the positive impact of your employee volunteer work.

Strategic Philanthropy

The CSR Program that positively impacts the world and your company. Learn how WeHero’s high-impact corporate social responsibility programs increase employee retention, improve company culture, influence positive brand perception, and drive company profit.

Engaging WeHero as your strategic philanthropic partner can drive impressive charitable results through giving, all while creating memorable experiences for your employees. As a bonus, you’ll notice a measurable improvement in crucial better-business KPIs, such as employee retention, brand sentiment, and workplace culture.


Used by the worlds best companies

Maria Dolgusheva, HR Coordinator – PandaDoc

“It is amazing to see that a small effort on our end is going to help someone in a big way! We’re grateful to WeHero for this event.”

Indonesia continues to struggle after a series of natural disasters killed thousands and rendered over 70,000 people homeless. Many are injured and still struggling. PandaDoc is giving employees the opportunity to lend a helping hand. Our team packed aid and hygiene kits for those affected by these natural disasters. Many of the items, such as bandages, toothbrushes, and soap, are ones we take for granted, but essential to people in need.

WeHero enables companies to mobilize employees as first responders to international crises and natural disasters around the world. It was the best onboarding week ever.”

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We are here to craft the best giving experience for your company and your employees. Please reach out with any thoughts or questions. We look forward to empowering your company to change the world.

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